Online Readiness Checklist

Online Readiness Checklist – Are Online Courses Right for You?

Answer the Following Honestly: Yes No
1.    I use good time management skills and exercise self-discipline to ensure enough time to study and to complete all course requirements by the deadlines.
2.    I am willing to check my T-Wolves college email or my college email forwarded to my personal email at least 3 times per week.
3.    I am a skilled reader who is at ease with written instructions and lessons.
4.    I am comfortable participating in discussions in writing.
5.    I can continue learning independently while waiting for feedback on assignments.
6.    I have 6-12 hours weekly that I can devote to each 3-credit online course.
7.    I feel comfortable with basic computer skills such as typing, searching the Internet, saving files successfully, attaching files, working with Web browsers, and word-processing.
8.    I have frequent access to a computer and to the Internet because I realize I can’t complete an online course on a smartphone.
9.    I seek the necessary help and ask questions when problems arise.
10.  I realize online courses are not easy or “blow-off” courses. They are equivalent to a rigorous on-campus class.

If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions, you should consider enrolling in an on-campus courses instead of online courses.

Registered for an Online Course? – Check your college T-Wolves email account for a message from the Office of Online Learning on how to get started.