Getting Started

Ready, Set, Go…

Blackboard Learn is the SUNY preferred Learning Management System, and will be used to support online courses and programs at NCCC. You must first register for T-Wolves Mail. If you have not yet done so please click on the Bb Log On Instructions link under eLearning Links in the sidebar. These instructions will step you through the sign up procedure and give you valuable contact information should you have any problems.

Get started!

Access to your 2017 Summer Semester (Full Term) & Summer Session I online course(s) will be given on Monday, May 22nd; the official start date of the semester. Access to Summer Session II courses will be given on Wednesday, July 5th.

Before the Official Start Date:

  • Check your T-Wolves College email account and log in to Blackboard
  • Participate in the NCCC eLearning Student Orientation to learn how to use the tools in Blackboard Learn, especially if you are taking an online course for the first time.
  • Make sure your computer software is up to date and working (Blackboard Browser Compatibility Test)

*Check your course schedule in Banner Web for course dates as MOD courses start and end on different dates

Complete the NCCC eLearning Student Orientation for Blackboard Learn.

Through the NCCC eLearning student orientation you will learn how to use various features and what to expect when taking an online, hybrid, or web enhanced course using the Blackboard Learning Management System. If this is your first time using Blackboard Learn or your first online class you need to go through the orientation as your instructor will not be teaching you how to navigate and complete these tasks. The orientation is not mandatory but very beneficial for new online students.

Blackboard Learn –­ The NCCC eLearning Student Orientation is located on your Blackboard Learn home page.


On Campus Workshops for Students

If you still feel you need additional assistance you can attend one of the eLearning face-to-face student workshops held on campus or via an online webinar. The workshop schedule can be accessed through the menu above under Workshops.

Assess Your Readiness for eLearning @NCCC.

This is important. Online courses are not for everyone. Please complete the self-assessment to make sure this mode of learning is right for you. If you are matriculated in a full online degree program, we recommend you go through the entire Open SUNY Readiness Guide.  

“Attend” Your Class Frequently.

Attendance Requirements for Online Courses – Your are required to log in to your online course(s) at least three times per week from a computer or laptop. While logged into your course, you must post a question, respond in the discussion forums or submit as assignment as proof of attendance. When you make a submission or posting, the professor will know you are “in class” and you will not be dropped for non-participation, which can affect your financial aid. Since the online program is not bound by specific class times, students are responsible for budgeting their time. Make sure you log into your online course(s) from a computer or laptop the first day of class and participate in beginning course activities, that way your professor will know you have successfully accessed your course.

Attendance Requirements for Hybrid Courses – You will be required to attend class in person on certain days and complete online activities outside of class. Log into your coursed to see the course information and course schedule.

You can use this Time Management Calculator to assess how much time you should plan on spending on weekly basis.

Getting Help

  • With logging into T-Wolves or Blackboard Learn (Usernames and Passwords)– contact the NCCC OIT T-Wolves help line at 716-210-2505 or visit the help desk at (B-119)
  • Navigating or Using Blackboard Learn – contact the Open SUNY Help Desk or call 1-844-673-6786.
  • If you want to learn more about eLearning@NCCC or need additional assistance, stop by the eLearning offices in C-Building on the main campus (C-154), or send an email to:,

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