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Online/Hybrid Student FAQ

  • What online courses and programs does NCCC offer?
    – NCCC offers over 160 online and hybrid courses and 8 online and hybrid degree programs.
  • Is online learning right for me?
    – View the resources at the Open SUNY Readiness Guide to assess your readiness for online education.
  • What is a hybrid course?
    – A hybrid course is when a course meets both on campus and online. In a hybrid course a significant portion of the learning takes place online supplemented with face-to-face classroom interaction. All NCCC Hybrid courses are noted with a “Y” in the course section field. (ex: ENG 101 -0Y1)
  • What is an online course?
    – The majority of eLearning courses at NCCC are fully online. Online courses require no face-to-face or synchronous (specific online meeting time) components included in the online course unless specified by the instructor or department. All online Math courses at NCCC require you to either come to campus for the final exam OR to have it proctored if you choose not to come to campus.  Each instructor will provide you information on how to locate a qualified proctor if one is required.
  • Does NCCC provide me with a computer and/or software? Can I complete my course with a tablet or Smartphone?
    – All NCCC students, including Online and Hybrid students, are responsible for purchasing their own learning materials including books, laptops, and course specific software. It is highly recommended that you have access to a computer with a broadband Internet connection. Although you can login using the Blackboard Mobile App, you can’t complete all of the required course work with a mobile device at this time.
  • How do I look up eLearning courses using the course offerings menu in Banner Web?
    – Using the drop down dialog select the semester you wish to look up courses for. (Click to Expand)
    – Be sure to select Online or Hybrid in the Instructional Method drop down menu. (Click to Expand)
  • How do I enroll in an online course?
    –  View the steps for enrollment from the college website.  You will need to decide if you are enrolling as a matriculated (enrolling in a program) or non-matriculated students (not enrolled in a program). If you need additional assistance, you can contact the NCCC Admissions Office or the Records and Registration office.
  • Who can I call for help?
    –  For technical support call the SLN Helpdesk at 1-800-875-6269. For additional help contact the eLearning department at 716-614-6798 or

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