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NCCC’s eLearning Student Success Blog

eLearning Student Support SpecialistWelcome to NCCC’s eLearning Student Success Blog! My name is Christina and I’m the eLearning Student Support Specialist. My office is located in room D409 (4th floor Library). I can also be reached at 716.614.6488 or by email at elearning@niagaracc.suny.edu.

This site is devoted to providing NCCC’s eLearning students the tools and resources they need to be successful. Here you can view getting started instructions, tips for success, resources, articles, free software downloads, and tools that will be of value to you as you pursue higher education online.

Enrolled in an online or hybrid course this semester? If you’re enrolled in an online or hybrid course this semester, please view the getting started link and log in to your course(s) once the semester begins.¬†The Spring 2016 semester¬†officially starts on Tuesday, January 19th.

Interested in Online Education? Click the Readiness Guide link under Open SUNY Links to the right to assess your readiness for this mode of learning.

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